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Last Update: March 15th

State Concert Band Festival Participants, you can register for the festival and pay by credit card, it is ready for you. If you are paying by check, go to the High School Concert Band page and download the state registration form.

Click Here for a link on the Euclid Middle School job opening. Questions can be sent to current director, Rimas Vaitaitis at

Click here for a link on the opening in Durango for a band director at Miller Middle School.

The list of the 2018 State Concert Band Festival participating bands is posted on the High School Concert Band Page, and has been emailed to all participating regional concert band directors.

The 2018 CBA High School Concert Band Regionals are in the books. Thanks to Joe & Carol Brice for putting together another successful year. Look for information about the state participants early this coming week.

Next Up – the CBA Middle School Concert Band Festivals and the high school state concert band festival.

Did you know? — The convention page contains programs from almost every CBA Summer Convention since 1965, also a synopsis of every convention since 1965. We are missing the 1980, 82, 83, and 84 convention programs, if you have a hard copy, let us scan it and get it on the website.

The Colorado Bandmasters Association Exists to:

  • Promote comprehensive music education through participation and performance in band.
  • Provide support, leadership, and educational opportunities to students and directors.
  • Provide outstanding educational and performance events and venues that encourage, recognize, and reward musical artistry and excellence.
  • Work with other organizations to encourage and promote a lifelong love of music among students, teachers, and the community.
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