2017-2018 School Year Dates:

Regional, March 5 – 10, 2018. State, April 16 – 17, 2018.

Schedules for the 2018 Concert Band Regionals

Western Slope

Denver One

North One

North Two


Denver Two

Denver Three

Repertoire Lists for 2017




(in performance time order)

  • Poudre Excellent
    Air Academy Superior
    Arvada West Excellent
    Classical Academy Good
    Palmer Ridge Superior/Distinction
    Lewis Palmer Superior/Distinction
    Mountain Vista Good
    Fruita Monument Superior/Distinction
    Grandview Excellent
    Monarch Excellent
    Centaurus Superior/Distinction
    Palisade Good
    Grand Junction Excellent
    Central Excellent
    Lyons Excellent
    Denver School of the Arts Superior/Distinction
    Coronado Superior
    Fossil Ridge Symphonic Superior/Distinction
    Legacy Symphonic Winds Superior
    Liberty Superior/Distinction
    Cheyenne Mountain Wind Ensemble Excellent
    Fossil Ridge Wind Symphony Superior/Distinction
    Legacy Wind Ensemble Superior/Distinction
    Fairview Superior
    Skyline Excellent
    Cheyenne Mountain Symphonic Superior/Distinction
    Lakewood Excellent
    Rocky Mountain Winds Superior
    Pine Creek Superior/Distinction
    Cherry Creek Symphonic I Excellent
    Cherry Creek Wind Ensemble Superior/Distinction
    Loveland Superior/Distinction


(in performance time order)

Superior with Distinction

Classical Academy


Palmer Ridge

Lewis Palmer

Pine Creek

Cherry Creek I


Liberty I

Cheyenne Mountain Symphonic

Fossil Ridge I


Rocky Mountain Winds


Arvada West




Cheyenne Mountain W/E


Fossil Ridge II

Ft. Collins Symphonic



GJ Central


Dakota Ridge


Fairview I

Fruita Monument

Grand Junction






Cherry Creek II

Concert Band Goal

The primary goal of the Colorado Bandmasters Association Concert Band Committee is to promote the development and improvement of the concert band as the center of the band program. The State Concert Band Festival showcases Colorado’s outstanding concert bands by allowing them to perform in a superb concert hall, while giving them the opportunity to be critiqued by some of the nation’s finest music educators. To further educational and artistic development, students at CBA Concert Band Festivals participate in clinics and serve as audience members for other groups.

2015 State Concert Band Program

Congratulations to the 2015 State Concert Band Festival Participants:

(noted alphabetically)


Air Academy

Cherry Creek Wind Ensemble

Cheyenne Mountain Symphonic Band

Cheyenne Mountain Wind Ensemble

Denver School of the Arts

Fossil Ridge Wind Symphony

Legacy Wind Ensemble

Liberty I

Palmer Ridge Wind Ensemble

Pine Creek I

Rocky Mountain Winds


Fairview Symphonic

Fossil Ridge Symphonic

Lewis Palmer Wind Symphony

Loveland Wind Symphony


Arvada West

Cherry Creek Symphonic Band I

D’Evelyn Symphonic Band

Fort Collins Symphonic Band

Fruita Monument Symphonic Band

Fruita Monument Wind Ensemble

Grand Junction Central

Grand Junction Wind Ensemble

Grandview Wind Ensemble

Lakewood Wind Ensemble

Legacy Symphonic Band

Lyons Concert Band

Moffat County

Palisade Wind Ensemble

Poudre Wind Ensemble

Rocky Mountain Summit Winds

TCA Wind Ensemble

2014 CBA CONCERT BAND REGIONAL AND STATE INFORMATION:Congratulations to all bands who participated in the CBA Regional and State Contests!  2014 CBA State Concert Band Festival Results:Superior with Distinction:   Loveland HS, Cheyenne Mountain I, Fossil Ridge I, Fossil Ridge II, Liberty HS, Cherry Creek I, Rampart HSSuperior:  Cheyenne Mountain II, Rocky Mountain Winds, Rocky Mountain Symphonic Winds, Lakewood Wind Ensemble, Legacy Wind EnsembleExcellent: Palisade HS, D’Evelyn HS, Arvada West HS, Rock Canyon HS, Coronado HS, Grandview HS, Fairview HS, Cherry Creek II, Palmer Ridge I, Palmer Ridge II, Lewis Palmer Wind Symphony, Denver School of the ArtsGood: Englewood HS, Green Mountain HS, Discovery Canyon HS2014 STATE CONCERT BAND REPERTOIRE CLICK HERE2014 REGIONAL REPERTOIRE CLICK HERE

76th Annual Canon City Music and Blossom Festival Results. The results of this festival can be found here:  76th Annual Canon City Music and Blossom Festival Results 


2013 CBA State Concert Band Festival Results

Superior/distinction:  Cherry Creek I, Coronado Wind Ensemble, Fairview Symphonic, Lewis Palmer Wind Symphony,and Rocky Mountain I

Superior:  Denver School of the Arts, Fossil Ridge Wind Symphony, Liberty Wind Ensemble, Palmer Ridge Wind Ensemble, Legacy,  and Rampart I

Excellent:  Cherry Creek II, D’Evelyn Symphonic Band, Douglas County,  Fossil Ridge Symphonic Band,  Fruita Monument ,Grandview Wind Ensemble, Lakewood I, Loveland Wind Symphony, Palisade Wind Ensemble,  Pine Creek ,Rock Canyon,   and Rocky Mountain Summit Winds.

Good:  Arvada West and Mountain Vista Wind Ensemble

2012 CBA State Concert Band Festival Results

Superior with Distinction

  • Rocky Mountain
  • Liberty
  • Cheyenne Mountain
  • Fossil Ridge
  • Denver School of the Arts
  • Fruita Monument
  • Lakewood
  • Fairview I
  • Fountain Ft. Carson
  • Rampart I
  • Cherry Creek
  • Legacy
  • Loveland


  • Smoky Hill
  • Mountain Vista
  • D’Evelyn
  • Montrose
  • Lyons
  • Classical Academy
  • Fairview Concert Band
  • Mountain View
  • Bear Creek
  • Rampart Symphonic
  • Conifer
  • Lewis Palmer.

No Rating


List of literature performed at the Concert Band Regionals.

State performance times and literature selection

Literature list 2012

2011 CBA State Concert Band Festival Results

Superior with Distinction:

  • Fruita Monument, Ryan Crabtree
  • Fairview, Travis Keller
  • Cheyenne Mt. Wd. Ensemble, Jack Yonce
  • Air Academy, Stoney Black
  • cheyenne Mt. Symphonic Band, Jack Yonce
  • Fossil Ridge Symphonic Band, Gary Mayne
  • rocky Mountain, Casey Cropp
  • Fossil Ridge Wind Symphony, Dan Berard
  • Coronado, Alan Combs,
  • Legacy, Clay Stansberry
  • Rampart Wind ensemble, Gary Arrasmith


  • Loveland, Matthew Arau
  • Palmer Ridge, Raleigh Eversole IV
  • Lewis Palmer, Kevin whitelaw


  • Conifer, John Hermanson
  • Cherry Creek Symphonic, Sarah Wynes
  • Douglas County, Darren DeLaup
  • Cherry Creek Wind Ensemble, Tim Libby
  • Rampart Symphonic, Justin Carpenter
  • Grand Junction Central, Paul Traugott
  • Grandview, Keith Farmer
  • Lyons, Karen Gregg
  • Liberty, Genice Matzke
  • Mountain Range, Mike White
  • Denver school of the Arts, Dave Hammond


  • Englewood, Del Brickley
  • Estes Park, Chuck Varilek
  • Smoky Hill, Zak Ruffert

State Concert Band Programs

Program Monday

Program Tuesday

2010 State Concert Band Contest Results

Superior with Distinction Rating

  • Air Academy
  • Cherry Creek
  • Cheyenne Mountain I
  • Coronado
  • Denver School of the Arts
  • Legacy
  • Liberty
  • Loveland
  • Palmer Ridge
  • Rampart

Superior Rating

  • Fossil Ridge
  • Lewis-Palmer

Excellent Rating

  • Arapahoe
  • Central of Grand Junction
  • Cheyenne Mountain II
  • Fairview
  • Fruita Monument I
  • Fruita Monument II
  • Grandview
  • Grand Junction
  • Lakewood
  • Pine Creek
  • The Classical Academy

Good Rating

  • Delta
  • Douglas County
  • Sand Creek
  • Summit

Special Exhibition Performance – no rating

Kit Carson

List of literature performed at the 2010 Regional Festivals

2009 State Concert Band Contest Results

Superior with Distinction Rating

  • Air Academy
  • Cherry Creek
  • Cheyenne Mountain I
  • Lewis-Palmer I
  • Loveland
  • Rampart
  • Rocky Mountain I

Superior Rating

  • Fossil Ridge
  • Fruita Monument II
  • Legacy
  • Liberty

Excellent Rating

  • Arapahoe
  • Chatfield
  • Cheyenne Mountain II
  • Coronado
  • Douglas County
  • Fruita Monument I
  • Lakewood
  • Lewis-Palmer II
  • Mountain Range
  • Palmer Ridge
  • Rocky Mountain II

Good Rating

  • Grandview
  • Summit

List of literature performed at the 2009 Regional Festivals